credit to this kid in my class

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sinned-bear asked: You are so pretty (:

I think your eyes may be broken though D:

Lol but thank you 😬


and I’m sorry for being super inactive >_>


Anonymous asked: Can I have you... Please?

:O but why!?

danny-dao asked: Flounder, nemo, Simba.

Flounder: Something that surprised and frightened you
Hmm… Wow, I can’t think of anything recent. Nothing surprising has happened lately, and I don’t get frightened easily. I’m more curious about “scary” things than actually being scared lol

Nemo: Your bravest moment
Independently taking care of patients as a student nurse without the help of my instructor or class mates. I love interacting with patients, giving medications and assessing them BUT the transition from learning about care in a classroom to actually doing it by myself…. GAHHH. 

Simba: Something a parent has taught you
"Success is the best revenge," "If it’s meant to happen, it will. But don’t stop working hard for whatever it is," "Don’t worry, everything will be all right." "Don’t take your loved ones for granted. Never stop showing them you care. Even if things aren’t well between you, sometimes you need to swallow your pride and give in. You don’t know how much time you have left with them, don’t waste it."

iswitchedtogeico asked: Oh goodness you are gorgeous

Oh god, nooo, but I really appreciate that :D